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KougaMyazawa Rating
It's cute, but if you're looking for micro kink, you won't find it here. The cover is misleading. Aside from a chaste kiss, no romantic/sexual activities happen while the boy is in tiny form. I was so disappointed...
Jo Rating
Three short stories, all with rather cliché/silly plotlines but adorable nonetheless. The art style is also very cute. I think it's worth a read if you want something light but there isn't a lot of 'meat', if you know what I'm sayin'.
ijimenez1128 Rating
Some of the stories in this Manga are kind of ridiculous, but over all very cute and entertaining.
Megumi Rating
Super cute, fluffy feel-good collection of stories! The art is way cute too, I'll be happy to read more by Umino Cana when I can!
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