User Reviews For: Legal Sexploits [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Akane Amari Rating
ADORABLE little collection of stories. Super likable!! Art also is very appealing. Lots of love.
kimfin Rating
Loved all the stories, they were cute. The artwork was great. For the second story I'd say the "kidnapping" was more of a rescue considering he asked to be taken away. Overall I loved all the stories. I do wish there was more to the last one.
EmTheHooligan Rating
That was so adorable! My favorite part was probably how the last story's brothers were all major bro-cons! It was so funny. And oh boy, Tsukishiro, he's my type in manga form haha. I loved each story, though the second one does indeed give me a bit of the creeps, but still very cute!
fionav3 Rating
This is SUCH a disturbing yaoi based on the second story. Acky basically stalked and then kidnapped a kid (who was already being abused by his foster family), and everyone is just okay with this?!! WTF? First story was dumb, but third story was kind of a laugh (and is the only reason I gave this manga 2 stars). It's a shame cos the art was lovely.
ChattyK2125 Rating
The stories are a bit different than the name legal sexploits implies. I guess legal might refer to characters being either b young and seemingly taken advantage of by an older guy or as in the last story they are both under age.No matter what the name is or what it refers to, it doesn't matter because this was some damn good reading. It had sex but this one was not overly sexed up. Unlike many stories I read, cum wasn't shooting all over the room. These guys had either been in love with or obsessed with someone for a long time. It was the culmination of that when they finally had sex. I recommend this book because it is that unusual blend of just the right amount of love story mixed with the right amount of gay sex makes for a 5 star story!
suzu Rating
It doesn't have a deep story and it's mostly smutty things but it was cute as well. I love the last story. No drama (the second story has a bit of it) and mostly fluffy
alienxxi Rating
Totally enjoyed these 3 collection of stories! Might have *SPOILERS* ahead.The first story was abt a relationship between an older top who is a writer and a younger bottom, whom he met in a cafe, and has been taking care of him as per requested by the writer's manager. Cute relationship development with age-related insecurities, and of course jealousy matters.Next pair is connected with the first couple which is the manager and his pair. THIS COUPLE IS TOTALLY INTRIGUING AND ENTERTAINING (they are the couple in the cover).And lastly, a high school themed plot. A completely different pair. Where a crossdresser bottom and a popular top high school students met and used the opportunity to express themselves. Comedic love story.All in all, I loved the three couples in this manga and I enjoyed this one very much! You'll definitely enjoy it too!
HorseObsessed Rating
???OH YES!!!???SO GOOD!!!???
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