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Nyanko Rating
I really wanted to like this one, but it was a mess. While the premise is good, the execution is very...strange. It's slapstick with a dash of thriller, touch of soap opera, bit of "questionable" naked activity (being generous: some was clearly assault), and a hint of romance. The story was incredibly disjointed, and the pace was so breakneck that it seemed like the entire story took place within the first week or two, which made characters incredibly shallow. The art was rough, so much so that I had to flip back to figure out who was who based on their clothing details. The sex in the story seemed added in to create an adult version of a very poorly written shoujo comedy-romance and happened at ridiculously inopportune moments, often without being either consensual or sensual. Disappointed. I think I'd have really like the protagonist, had the story taken the time to flesh her out.
Sighz Rating
The story was actually pretty good. It did not give much (or in some cases any) back story to the characters. The art work could of used some defining characteristics on some of the characters (as the other review mentioned it was hard to tell between the blondes).Overall, I do not regret purchasing. Decent story, good art, and enjoyable smut. Didn't get 5/5 due to the character problem :)
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