User Reviews For: Hold Me, Baby, As a Lady... -First Love Again in the Body of a Woman.-


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bunniefufu Rating
This story is a LIFE CHANGER!!!I really like this story. It really is an eye opener kind of story which combines realism with you love-manga story. I tryly recommend this title and it will definetly be worth the 4 tickets.
bluerabu Rating
A sweet manga with very thoughtful characters. It approached the topic of the heroine's transition and insecurities very sensitively, and they even ultimately have a serious and respectful conversation about it. The author's writing was very tactful.
kyokobaby Rating
this is a fantastic manga! the art is great, the characters have depth and realistic backstories, & the story gets so much right. I'll probably read it over and over again.
London18 Rating
I never realised it before until I read this but transgender people really have it rough. I always want to root for them to get their happy ending. So glad I read this. I don't think I've come across a manga that covers transgender characters and not crossdressers. It's a great read.
CieL Rating
Aw I'm so super glad purchase this story (although it's quite pricey but super sattisfying!) The plot structured very nicely, and yeah I agree with the note written on this manga 'love doesn't pick a limited gender'. I'm happy for you both young couple, Sanae & Sakaki. Sanae's super lucky to have such a supported & kind heart people in her circle.
Grimmvalde Rating
I've never seen felt so hopeful for my future.
ZuzuRose Rating
This story is soooooo good!! A must read! It is a unique and perspective changing story. It is so sweet, romantic, and sexy haha! Do not pass up on reading this!
shiseiten Rating
I have fallen in love with Wasou Miyakoshi's work thanks to this site. Gorgeous art, lovely characters and this story felt really sweet and heartfelt. It was a little short, and could have used a bit more time to develop (like their "10 years"story) but it was nice getting this sort of subject matter handled wonderfully. Highly recommend this series.
Oalta Rating
Absolutely amazing! One of my favorite short length mangas. It's been a while since I read something I felt really passionate about, and this one was so beautiful!
Agumon71 Rating
This is a really cute series. The two leads are really likeable and you can't help but root for the,. The supportin cast is also good, though brief as their appearances are. I also applaud the, for dealing with a transgender hard ref and handling some of the insecurity and hardship that comes with that in a really good manner.
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