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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I like this! It's like the ultimate fantasy for all lazy, average, tomboy women around the world. To find a handsome, successful, smexy older man who loves to tease you and love all over you and knows how to cook! While still being your true self, win win! The translation is a bit rough, not gonna lie, but the art is pretty good. The h has zero experience with men and does an average job at work. She really doesn't have anything going for her, b/c she really enjoys keeping to herself and staying in after work and on days off, can totally relate, couch potato for life! #noshame. But that all changes when the H makes his appearance. I like him, he's smart, witty, playful and teaches the h a thing or two about adulting and other grown up stuff, wink wink nudge nudge! They have a bit of a history, one she can't really recall, having been a little kid and all, but he remembers her fondly and is totally gung-ho on seducing her and making her his. Love it!
bunniefufu Rating
Everything about this MANGA is amazing! Although, it gets steamy one-sided a lot in the beginning but overall, it blossoms. I truly recommend this and you will fall in love with both characters. Female lead is someone you can actually like and the make... HE IS THE LEAD.
roseysnow Rating
Literally one of the best love mangas I have ever read here. It has it all: the sex, the chemistry, the tugging of the heartstrings. The couple has such a cute dynamic but can get hot and steamy REAL quick. READ!!!!!!! GOOOO It is so worth it!
Capitulate Rating
Renta kept recommending this one, so I finally broke down and read it. I didn't really care for the art at first, but it improved in later chapters. I ended up liking this way better than some of the other stuff I've read on Renta's rec. The male protag is actually pretty sexy despite being a smoker. The MC is silly and comical. This one is pretty cool, and it really is pretty sexy.
JeanNamba Rating
Nice story! Hope there is ending for thisSeries
loudthoughtbubbles Rating
Great couple/pretty realistic for a manga (?). Anyways I love the pace of this couple's relationship. It's really nice and still steamy. The art is really appealing too. Worth your money!
Yahiko03 Rating
The male MC is the biggest pervert ever. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
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