User Reviews For: Interview in a Bath -I'll Warm You up Until You Come!-


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LettuceGarden04 Rating
Wonderful! I highly recommend this for a quick, vanilla read. The art is pretty nice and the story was alright, but still wonderfully sweet. If you're in the mood, go for it!
vronmau Rating
This was short but good read
Bananamilk Rating
Short but cute! The story was sweet and nothing too heavy. Overall it was a good read.
Vivichi Rating
OMG one of the best stories I've read here! I was hesitating wheter to buy it or not, because i found it a little bit expensive, but guys this is totally worth it! I love the story, the art and the hot scenes. I just can't say anything bad about it! It's a must!
Singasong Rating
Such a cute story! I really recommended because this manga is worth ittt
sweetsake108 Rating
I really liked this for a short and sweet read. The story used the theme of first loves meeting again well!
xanimeprincessx Rating
This was actually super adorable and sexy. They were each other's first loves and never forgot each other, even after years passed.
kveroco Rating
Super cute
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