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malcosky Rating
This is such a nice story~!It worth your money to purchase this.The art and the expression of the characters are so nicely drawn~!Full satisfaction~! I just wish that mangaka give us some extra when Haruki gets jealous and possessive over Yusuke~I'm a little bit of sadistic freak here ^_^
Romichi Rating
I REALLY liked the expressions and how the artist captivated the mood! I was seriously re-reading some scenes because I just loved the pacing and expressions. I can imagine some people would prefer "better" artstyles, but this artist captured all emotions so well. As for the story, I loved that the main character had their own personal issues and worked hard to get past them. It wasn't all just about the "hot guy" entering the main character's uneventful life and having to deal with this new stimulation. There were complex and repressed emotions. I could really feel the hurt when I saw their faces. T~T The love interest's dark expressions were so wickedly twisted compared to his usual kind-faced facade, it was so awesome~ But yeah, I was so proud of the main character. I LOVE characters who have low self-esteem but find something to love and slowly grow more confident because they realize they truly are capable of changing and can be loved. Definitely one of my favorite BL's!
Babo Rating
Nice Story. At first you thought the seme is some fcked up person but everything turned out perfect! One of the best stories that I have read on here.
idgal Rating
It was cute, tsundere top who falls for timid uke.
gucci potato Rating
I thought haruki was gonna be a different kind of two faced at first. I felt so bad for yusuke at the beginning. Just imagining if his love remained unreciprocated really hurts, but I'm glad things worked out. It's cute how possessive haruki is after they start dating, and I wish we got more extras on them.
flyButter Rating
Fucking five stars bitches! It was soooooo friking cute towards the end!!!?? Ohhhh, he's so cute drunk... I want more. ? I guess I'm gonna have to read this again... Anyway, read it. It's awesome.
707lovers12 Rating
It's worth reading!~ I wished there was more ;-; they're so cute
fionav3 Rating
Cute manga. Yukuke was a little cutie (and totally adorable when drunk!), and Haruki wasn't even half as sadistic as I was imagining from the blurb. EVen though he was jealous type of seme, he also ended up being quite caring. This was sweet.
Rainbowfujoshipanda Rating
I loved it! Also the Uke kind of reminds me of the Alpha from
Viviheartfilia Rating
Story was so cute. I want more
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