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easterlily16 Rating
This is probably the first manga where there is actually a scene where the guy took care of his depressed partner, and really taking care, not in a sexual meaning (but yeah it did involve some sex), but actually comforting and pampering his partner. It was seriously sweet and I immediately fell in love with the character I was supposed to dislike. And the second story is just so SO sexy. Men wearing lingerie isnt really my cup of tea but the author managed to make the character so well and seductive eventhough he was supposed to be plain. This is a must read and I didnt regret every ticket I spent for this.
bazookajo94 Rating
sorry but I'm still not over Kakeru taking care of Satoshi while he's depressed and I'll Never Be Over It Kakeru at all times tries to convince me that he's a shitty dude and I'm sorry but u can't just massage a your boyfriend's hands while he's sobbing in the bath ur taking together and try and tell ME u dont love him #okayhoney
Zivren Rating
I wish there was more to this couple! I literally got the other book because I saw that they were introduced there. I really love the dynamics and relationship between these two! It's very worth reading. It's sexy, hot, and really sweet! I'd purchase it if this had a continuation to this couple. I don't even know how many times I've reread it!! It's very good!!
zellies Rating
great stories with unique and sexy characters
biggestrebel Rating
I think I missed something for the first story, but it was still really good! I hope kakeru eventually admits his love for satoshi lol but I love their interactions and how he takes care of satoshi ToT so sweet! You don't see that very often!And um I LOVED the second story wtf???? It was so sexy and sweet, I know I'll be revisiting that story many times to come. Well worth the money!!!!
bigeneral Rating
I loooove these kinds of characters in stories. The depressed child. I also like how well Kakeru handled his off days. It was a great read. I would definitely recommend.
Enderlily Rating
The couples in these stories are so cute together and the characters are so filled out it makes me feel like I'm reading a true story. If only I knew some people like these <3 :3
MioAkiyama Rating
Satoshi and Kakeru story is part 2 of their first story from "The Flow" in Flower read that first to see how they progress to this stage! I love them a lot and do hope I can see more of them.The 2nd story is ULTRA SPICY. I love men in lingerie and this is up to my alley. I love it and wow the sex scenes in this is just WOOOSHA!
pumpkin Rating
For anyone thinking on reading this couple, they make their first appearance in in 'The Flow in Flower', with that out of the way I love this couple so much!! Shame they only get one volume, love how their both as bad as each other, Satoshi who started as a stalker with a crush going after Kakeru, and Kakeru who was just looking for a booty call, their both such screwed up people that they begin to like each other (despite Kakeru's insistence that he doesn't care about Satoshi, but come bro, that whole chapter of pampering Satoshi was just adorable!!!) I'd definitely recommend you give this a read
Antelopexo Rating
super cute :)
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