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Guest Rating
Really enjoyed the stroy is unique and interesting.The quality of the drawing in nice/high.Definitely recommend it.Enjoy
HorseObsessed Rating
? I Love this story & the artwork.? It's so beautiful.?
Weeb4Life Rating
Nothing offensively bad, but it all felt very empty and soulless to me. Over half the story is the two leads during the first day in the snow, with most of it spent on pointless chatter, repetitive bickering and mindless noise in general. Neve is too worried about Hannah to contribute much else to the plot, while Severo gets dragged into her mess and falls for her because she's hot (if there's any other reason it's never expressed). It felt both rushed and dragged on too long because nothing of substance happened for so long, and the chemistry was non-existent. Then there are several clichés and stupid misunderstandings that exist only to clumsily further the plot of Neve's pregnancy, whether Severo trusts her and whether Neve will marry him. The latter half (after snow day) is just so silly and vapid (especially how the main conflict is resolved!), and a complete waste of otherwise likeable characters with believable motives and relatable (if boring) issues. Not worth it imho.
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