User Reviews For: Let's Talk About Love [Plus Bonus Page]


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Digitalbaby Rating
This is a really sweet story, the characters are cute and it has a feel good ending ^_^.
AinoKusabi Rating
A sweet, simple and straightforward story with lovable characters; it's one of those mangas that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.
LMonster2 Rating
This was fantastic! Super cute and heart thumping... Such pure loves that can make you swoon and feel the heartache of the characters. Read it!
msscotchnut Rating
Very cute and soft and fluffy!! There are a couple places that seem quite rushed but I imagine they couldn't fit any more character/story development in a realistic way so they did pretty good considering the limitations! The age gap is between a high school student and a man who is presumed to be some number of years older (I'm pretty sure they didn't say his exact age so I'm not sure ?). I don't have anything against age gaps generally speaking as long as it's no minors and this was a bit vague on that front but !!! very cute and I enjoyed!
Broesa Rating
This was a rent-not-buy story for me. The characters are very cute but I lost interest in the story midway and never finished it. That being said, I did rent it so I didn't feel like I lost much. I hope you have a better experience this more than I did.
Ltrocks78 Rating
I absolutely loved it. Well written, cute story. Kinda wish it was longer, getting to know the characters. However I think you did a great job
HorseObsessed Rating
This story is so cute! I Love it! It is a slow burn, very slow, there are only two sex scenes in it, & they're very short. But that's fine. If the story is written well enough, you don't really need that much smut. Anyway, give this one a try. :()
lovheartydress Rating
It was really sweet, though it was a "rent" for me instead of outright buying it. Either way, it's a pretty light reading.
Monmonmon Rating
The development between the MCs a bit too forced and the sometimes the flow is a bit awkward. Overall it's still a good read.
lolita Rating
So many feels. Absolutely lovely~