User Reviews For: Seven of Them and One of Me!? -Soaking in a Mixed Bath-


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Ageha Rating
The story is very cute but its too fast forward. I hope they introduce abit of the character and their secually time. As i just read it and its done. Not really satisfied
peichi Rating
This one really does not live up to its enticing title. You get the about one tiny panel of 7 guys and one girl. The rest of it is just one on one action and also an octupus for some reason. Not recommended at all!
Acer Rating
It's kinda funny with the granny host, but it is a little confusing the storyline, but it's alright so far
PassionDevourer Rating
It is very cute. An interesting and unique idea that I think could have been better explored. As is, it will do for a light read, but I definitely think it could use a sequel for better characterization and exploration of the topic.
Raody Rating
Meh. Too fast paced, no character development not a lot to see. Art was nice, though.
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