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briw Rating
I appreciate the MC's (Midori's) realistic perspective on relationships. It works really well with Sosuke's bluntness and forwardness. This is a series that's going places and that I hope to see continue!!
legallybling Rating
This is refreshing and realistic, while still being quite whimsical and fun! The art style is clean and pretty, the main character is relatable and very likeable. I'm rooting for this title!
cohen5483 Rating
Loved this as much as the other series by this mangaka. It's been a while since the last chapter came out (on ch 5) so I'm curious if it's about to wrap up soon. There's more than one twist to the story and they're definitely good ones. I like Midori's character and how she came to be where she is at the time of the first chapter. She's pretty level-headed and is a cool character but Sosuke is way more cooler. Wish the Sosuke would be a little more expressive in future chapters because it was refreshing to see him freaking out at one point...making me think, so he isn't a robot lol.
lmantoine Rating
Wayward Little Lamb is so adorable! From the art work to the characters everything just gives you a "childish" vibe however the story line and context are faaaaar from "G rating". Everything things is very well balanced with this series and keeps you wanting more!
mlxiong10 Rating
I wasn't so sure about this just from the summary, but I'm glad I read it! This story is really refreshing and different from all the other ones I've read so far. The drawings are really nice and the whole feel if the story line is really gets you. Please upload more!
hoshiii Rating
I just read chapter 1 and it's good! These tropes and scenarios are very cliche but there's something about the characters that make them feel fresh - it's probably how good the delivery of lines are and how the panels are structured. The art is really good too.
sweetsake108 Rating
This is a great series, it's interesting to see how the relationship between the two main characters develop as they both learn more about each other. The artwork is also well drawn,
EaScepti Rating
I'm so excited to read what happens next...! Love it!
olly Rating
Eh. Didn't really hit the spot for me. 1 chapter isn't worth 200pt in terms of plot development and emotional investment.
s8ans Rating
i wish there were 1000 chapters of this, it's got a little edge of pessimism in it to go with the charming characters and it's wonderful
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