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hoshiii Rating
I just read chapter 1 and it's good! These tropes and scenarios are very cliche but there's something about the characters that make them feel fresh - it's probably how good the delivery of lines are and how the panels are structured. The art is really good too.
sweetsake108 Rating
This is a great series, it's interesting to see how the relationship between the two main characters develop as they both learn more about each other. The artwork is also well drawn,
EaScepti Rating
I'm so excited to read what happens next...! Love it!
olly Rating
Eh. Didn't really hit the spot for me. 1 chapter isn't worth 200pt in terms of plot development and emotional investment.
s8ans Rating
i wish there were 1000 chapters of this, it's got a little edge of pessimism in it to go with the charming characters and it's wonderful
dokidokidead Rating
I cant breathe! Plot twist has me on edge. I'm so excited to see what's to come!
pewpew Rating
2 chapters so far and it's super interesting. I like how the girl isn't a sucker for things, she feels real. I want more :V
kveroco Rating
Super promising, captured my interest right away. Cannot wait for more chapters.
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