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MintTea Rating
It's a story about innocence lost and acceptance. The main characters complements each other pretty well. I was worried that Makito's innocence would be too annoying, but he is more modest (before Haruma "awakens" him) than naive. Some of the story feels really underdeveloped (such as Haruma's brother and Mitsu's story arcs) but the main story is complete after the 5th chapter. The 6th chapter feels unnecessary and kinda out of place. It's good for another sex scene if you wanted more, I guess, but it's a weak premise with a lack of originality. Not sure where the story can really go from here on out (apparently it's still Ongoing after this current chapter 6). The art is great with some really, REALLY cute facial expressions from Haruma. There are a lot of great sex scenes too. Overall, I would recommend reading.
yaoiisloveyaoiislife Rating
mushrooms Rating
The art to this was pretty good but the story just isn't there. Nothing that's introduced really gets resolved in any form of a satisfying way, and pretty much every character has been sexually assaulted or is the one doing the sexually assaulting.If you're into that kinda thing it's fine but I'm not and definitely wasn't expecting how bad it was.
fandomnightmare Rating
This was not at all what I expected from the first chapter! It starts off a bit conventional and dubcon, but it very quickly becomes something that (while more predictable than some of the mangaka's other works) really stands out due to the incredible character writing. This is something I've found about a lot of Mitsuya Bond's work, though I've mostly read her in Japanese. She takes what seems like a standard set of tropes and really elevates them with her interesting, flawed, and multifaceted characters. This isn't her best work by far, but I'm so happy to see some of her stuff available in English!
AmbrosiaSnow Rating
This manga is just heartwarming and absolutely adorable. The love story that forms that forms between these friends is just too cute. The story is emotional and we'll written and I just can't get enough! I'd definitely recommend this manga to anyone who likes steamy BL action or just a good love story.
Valhuka Rating
Unexpectedly good. Nice plot development and not cheesy like I expected. Hits you in the feels in a good way.
acedevorak Rating
I love the art style, it's dramatic but also doesn't go too overboard. The conflicts all get resolved quickly but tastefully. The main couple are super cute together!!
legallybling Rating
adorable couple. there's some rushed side-plot that can be developed further, but overall very enjoyable. wish there are more of this. the side couple is pretty cute too.
Judi Rating
Makito and Haruma are great friends. Haruma has feelings for Makito, but Makito doesn't know about them and takes Haruma's advice on a girl that he has a crush on. Haruma is always willing to help and be a sounding board to Makito, but that might change as Makito's crush might be part of an adult video and Haruma helps Makito with a rising situation. The characters are cute and the story is sweet. For a sweet, fun read with a little bit of drama, it is a wonderful story.
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