User Reviews For: My Dream Lover [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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biggestrebel Rating
I loved this so much!!! I could read 1000 pages of their story!!!!!!!! The art is so unique but so good! The uke was hilarious he was so cute. I loved how he developed throughout the story and I loved their relationship once they got together. It was more than just sex, it was about supporting each other and just living your daily life together!I'm just so in love w it all! I definitely recommend it and its soooo worth the points!!!!!
urara Rating
Amazing, cute and funny, Arata's reactions are hilarious and I love it when he blushes with his freckles, so adorable~~I want more...I'm a huge fan and I hope to see more of Conro-sensei works in Renta!
Renta74 Rating
I love this author! The lyrics,
GregorIAN Rating
Adorable romance with the right amount of smut. I wish I could do the 3 minute meal thing but I'm too lazy to practice. :D
funbrillo Rating
I did enjoy the story but around chapter 5 and 6 it went from very cute and cinnamon roll like to strangely dark. I guess it showed how the relationship advanced and one could be supportive of the other person during troubled times. To me it felt the author was trying to create some drama so the tone seems out of place from the beginning and end. It was worth renting to read but I would not buy/re-read.
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