User Reviews For: Come and Eat Me, Breakfast Boy!


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Ali1381 Rating
Interesting story! Nice drawing style. Can't wait to read more!
stupid93 Rating
This is such an interesting concept, and I really love how the main guy is very careful with the heroine. Really worth buying all of them and waiting for more... if theres more! /o/
ScarletHAP12 Rating
I absolutely love this story. It's sweet and interesting and the characters are very relatable. Its an immediate like
chouchou Rating
This series is incredibly underrated. Probably one of my top favorites on this website. The storyline is genuinely interesting, and the main couple is loving, supportive, very kind, wise, and silly. All of the characters, even the side ones, are relatable and well written. I found myself getting a bit emotional, actually, during one of the subplots. The serious moments, sexy moments, and the (unexpectedly) silly moments are all well handled. I'm very impressed! The art may not be as stylish or beautiful as some of the popular titles on here, but this has one of the most solid writing I've seen in this site. This is a sexy, /sweet/, and wholesome series. Would highly recommend!
Torimetzger Rating
I love that they are longer chapters and the love story is lustful and romantic
PandaCat Rating
It's a sweet story with good progression and not overly hasty in telling it.
monolith Rating
What a unique addition to renta's collection. An actual story
toogoodtobetrue Rating
The art is beautiful. The male lead is loving. The storyline is the one really amusing. I love this. Plus, the male lead is not a jerk.
laniaash Rating
The story is great and I love the female MC. She's really nice. The guys are hot too.
BurntMochi Rating
The guy is so caring and sexy, the story is fun because everyday they face new exciting challenges!
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