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retardedapplejuice Rating
The premise is quite simple. Yutaka has a problem, and he goes to Asami for help. What was supposed to be a typical work out led into something else the moment Asami had his hands full with Yutaka's chest.The couple involved is quite cute. Storywise, the little bumps along the road aren't annoying like they typically are, and the art is gorgeous from start to finish. No wonky eyes or yaoi hands here! There's plenty of nipple-teasing and adorable blushing.I definitely recommend this title. I'm also definitely adding this author to my Faves list.
StoryLover Rating
Don't let the title fool you or put you off. This is a sweet, funny and, yes, rather weird story about a man with a strange fetish who is lucky enough to meet his perfect match. A short read but one that I am glad that I bothered with.
vicwalker Rating
I like it so much! It's funny, sweet, hot, all at the same time. The uke is handsome and cute, and the seme can be cute too! I kinda want more but it's the perfect size and price. Highly recommended!
EveyCalcifer Rating
This was so cute.. and the moobs were very squishy (^^')
alienxxi Rating
These two are adorable cracks! They're so funny! I love it! I enjoyed reading this comedic love story. And the diques were so cute!
MioAkiyama Rating
I love how Asami is crazy over Yutaka's pigeon boobs. It's so damn sexy and hot while both of them go crazy over each other.
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