User Reviews For: A Sweet Beast [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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zw9500 Rating
This story is surprisingly sweet and wholesome oh my god, I love how Kei and Mr. Saeki love each other and support one another unconditionally~
cheese Rating
One of my favourite reads, the characters have exciting and unique personalities and the development is realistic and well paced. You really get to watch them fall in love and it's refreshing and heart-warming to see the way they both rely on eachother. The smutty scenes are very also enjoyable to read since both parties are enjoying it and their relationship is a perfect and down to earth mix of funny, hot and loving! Hits every spot!
Stinkbug12 Rating
This is simply amazing would love to see more like this :)
canadiana Rating
Wow! Did not expect this spin on the teacher/student trope! Great pacing, handsome characters and fun plot. Highly recommend, worth the full price!
Rezi Rating
It's so cute and the sexy scenes are great! The ending was hella satisfying as well.... I would describe it but I don't want to give any spoilers to people who read reviews before reading the story.
ChattyK2125 Rating
Great Love Story! But a comedy for sure! I loved the initial interaction between Keith and Mr. Saeki. Then for awhile it seemed to be about the sex, then Saeki & Kei finally at the end realize they are in love. To me, best stories ever when that happens! Really recommend this story!!
Mell Rating
This was great. It was definitely a smut heavy read, but the plot was really good too, a relationship built on mutual respect and compatible personalities. So sweet, so refreshing, I loved it
tina1061 Rating
It's amazing how the couple can be cute and cool at the same time, I'm in love with them! Definitely worth every penny of mine
EmTheHooligan Rating
It was so funny and adorable and sexy, I loved it! And that bonus at the end!!! So funny (and sexy) I was laughing so hard!
DarkLilElf Rating
The characters and the storyline are awesome!
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