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doomsy Rating
This is such a fluffy fun story. No drawn out conflicts or drama. The main couple is adorable, the story moves fast and the art is great. If you are looking for lighthearted smut, sweet characters and relatable quirks, read this.
kpossibles Rating
I enjoyed the series very much! It was kinda a surprise for me since the uke was the popular guy and not the cross-dressing one! I've never read this artist before so it was a surprise for me to see the way the dicks were drawn? XD It also does online idol culture and events well if you like that theme.It includes a short story at the end that's totally pent-up big dick energy to say the least...
kiaramaz Rating
super cute and wholesome!!!
habagat Rating
Cute and simple.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is so funny and pretty wild! I love when the top isn't who you think it would be. It's seriously cute and rather pure in terms of the boys passion for pop music and then falling in love with each other. There was some conflict dealing with coming out to ones friends/fans about your true self. But this also has a lot of smexy times too! The second story is a one-shot about a nerdy kid at a bad school and the delinquent who takes a fancy to his ahem you know what, lol! Like I said this story is wild. Arts good and this story is fast paced.
zugzug Rating
prettty cute story, not a lot of story elements but still pretty dang cute.
Luciel Rating
Very cute story ! The two main characters really are adorable.
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