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Hi04082011 Rating
I love the way how the story is going. All the characters are drawn very well, especially the main male character is good looking. They story is not boring, which I like.
otakukun Rating
Really good and easy to follow story. Can't wait for the next Chapter
Erin Rating
I love this title so much! Such a sweet love story and I look forward to reading more.
Chamiri Rating
art is beautiful and i love the tenderness he treats her
JaggedNettle Rating
-Slight Spoilers-Absolutely beautiful art! The story admittedly starts off slow, but the characters get fleshed out and mystery unfurls in the first few chapters. Mei is a sweet, naive heroine facing very modern issues. While she could come across has timid and wishy washy, the very real battle with crippling anxiety highlights her bravery underneath. Kou is just a fantastic character! He's definitely the kind of caring and patient partner anyone would want. On chapter 5 and it's real picking up pace. Highly recommend
Zeet Rating
I am eagerly waiting for the next episode. Currently there is 8 episode and so far I love the story. ML is a gentleman, he never forces the FL. There is some mystery which has not been fully unravel yet.
Whiteblackangel Rating
Excelente historia de romance ,me encanta mei ya que al no socializar mucho ,se le ve un poco inocente y le queda muy bien.Quisiera saber cuándo estarán disponibles los demás capítulos , quiero leerlo ya .
Briehern15 Rating
Can't wait for next chapter
littleponta Rating
Finally a good story with beautiful arts. Handsome male lead got me falling for him, lol. Looking forward to more updates.
Swagprincess90 Rating
Love the artwork and even i'm just read the first chapter but still i can feel it'll be such a romantic story among the heroine and lead male character
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