User Reviews For: Lust vs. Love [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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PennyDreadful Rating
This one is cute and consistent smexy! I really like the art and enjoyed the story. A little bit of exhibitionism, a little bit of tsundare, and a stalker. I was hesitant to buy at 800 pts, but I'm glad I did.
kcfantastic Rating
Just read it, it's worth it.Story's great. Art's great. Sex scenes are great.I loved it! It's worth the 8 dollars. You won't be disappointed.
LMonster2 Rating
This was amazing! It was great how the main protagonist wanted to stick with his morals and code while trying not to fall in love with his co-worker but fate had other plans. Super fun,intense, and sexy!.
usarei Rating
It's really worth the purchase, I cried during some of the scenes but overall I really enjoyed reading this!
legallybling Rating
Fun rollercoaster ride. Both the seme and the uke is kind of a jerk but somehow still likeable. Fun story!
biggestrebel Rating
i was hesitant to spend that many points but this story was definitely worth it!!! I would have loved more back story on Ryota (the top ) but it was all still good! Left me wanting more at the end of the story. The sex scenes are great and the art is so nice!!! Overall, i loved this!!!
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