User Reviews For: Do Me in Your Rumpled Suit


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Kalia1234 Rating
I love it
sawada7 Rating
OMG this is so adorable and full off smutty goodness. I like how they tell the stories from both MC POVs. H and h are super cute. Recommended.
Weeb4Life Rating
Christ on a cracker these two are the most adorable idiots! They're both just. So. Godamn! CUTE!! Ngh I can't take how cute they are!
cohen5483 Rating
Pretty fast-paced - the h fell out of her habit pretty quick. My favorite page was really 22-23. The couple is really cute.
HorseObsessed Rating
??I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Get this story! You won't regret it! ??
BMorgan Rating
I like the way that she finally notice the H, but then she started thinking of him in different suits. Nice read.
chouchou Rating
this is so cute, I can't wait for the next update!!
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