User Reviews For: The Uncharted Kingdom of Oraie [Plus Bonus Page, Digital-Only Bonus and Renta!-Only Bonus]


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saynerd Rating
I have been looking forward to this read since I first saw the art previewed via Twitter, and it was just as beautiful (visually) as I would have imagined! I have so much love for the character design, and the story was a fun little adventure to boot. If you're looking for some substance to your read, this is a great choice. I do wish we could have seen more progress with Shin's romantic storyline, but that certainly does not take away from my overall satisfaction. I recommend giving it a try, even if it's just a temporary rent!
Cacoethic Rating
This was a nice story with good art and excellent writing. However I can not get over the fact that (spoilers) there is a grown man in love with a child. They kiss out of necessity which is standard yaoi... but the adult has a "reaction" to it. I get why it happens and all the sexy seasons are between adults but I really dislike the vibe I got from this, almost like a child was groomed. Won't be renting permanently.
Guest Rating
not at all what i was expecting, it was ok but not worth the $8 unless you want just fluff
Kasu Rating
Although this story's Main Character isn't actually the main character of this story, this manga was great. We get to see how a catalyst in a love story was able to bring two people together and save a kingdom from eventual destruction. I loved the extras at the end of the story too. Overall, I think this story is way too cute and 10/10, will read again. Hopefully, we'll get to see the Main Character's love story fulfilled someday.
alienxxi Rating
This is so cute! The story went unexpectedly well and lovely! The bonus pages were adorable! Shin is totally a free-spirited man. It's so lucky that Mustia's country met a man like him. Was expecting lots of relationship complications but it was a good story in the end. I love how Shin just randomly appeared and created a miracle for their country. And how this main lead became like an extra. Honestly, I don't know who the main lead was as the story progressed but it was still a good read! I loved it!
Rahioa Rating
I simply love this story. The art is beautiful and Shin is such a delightful trouble maker! I can't wait for more from this author about Shins adventures.
HorseObsessed Rating
O MY GOD!!! This story is great! It's a serious story, so if you're expecting smut there isn't very much, & it's drawn so that there isn't a need for that much censoring,(only maybe one or two scenes?) I think. There's a a WHOPPER of a reveal. You'll have to buy it to find out. :() There are some comedic scenes to break up the seriousness (& they're very funny). :)) Get this one! :()
KingOfK3arts Rating
I love the art and the writing. Let me say this from the start if you're looking for smut (like I often am) this is not the manga for you there's only a couple of PG-13ish sex scenes towards the end. However if you're looking for a good story I would recommend it. I enjoy the 3 main characters and they had all defined personalities that allowed me to be invested in them. I thought it was very well illustrated and written. The reason this is not a five star for me is because I thought that *spoilers* the three leads should hav ended up in a thruple or at least all end up in separate couples but the main character we are introduced to doesn't fall in love or have too much character development and so his character was the weakest of the 3. *spoilers end* That being said it's definitely still a great story/fluff piece that I enjoyed reading.
chibibi Rating
I would've given it 5 stars but 2 reasons why (may contain spoilers)1: Hated how shin knew NONE has feelings for Mustia but still took advantage of him! The first one to touch those nips should've BEEN MUSTIA NOT YOU SHIN!!!!2: there should more lovey-dovey moments with MUSTIA AND NONE!!!!
hushsee Rating
it is such a good STORY I LOVE THAT THE COUPLE WHO GOT TOGETHER IS THOSE I WANTED TO GET TOGETHER. ALSO beautiful art and how the main boy is more like a supporting character for the main couple. Very sweet good fantasy bl, recommended