User Reviews For: He's Mean Because He Likes You [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus]


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kcfantastic Rating
Okay, so the title and the genre listed as "sadistic top" is a bit miss leading. Lol. "He's mean to you because he likes you", except he's not mean ever. He teases him, but when he does its all kind spirited and sweet. No insulting him, putting him down for whatever, or forcing him to do anything he's uncomfortable with. They are both straight forward about their feelings, and don't play games like black mailing or lying to each other. Honestly this story was so sweet and I definitely recommend you buying it. The sex scenes were great too!
Meiyumi Rating
This was so cute :) As other reviewers have said, the 'sadistic' tag is a little much. He likes to tease, but then they are both too cute for any of it to be actually mean. This was a good fluffy read that's going on my "Re-read" list. I hope this author does more, like with the friend. The bonus chapters were so cute! The art style is clean, clear and oh so cute. Definitely recommend :)
biggestrebel Rating
waaaaaah i loved this manga!!!! The two protags were so cute and i liked how they were both as madly in love with each other!!!!!! It was cute and i WISH there was more. Also the best friend (Kuniharu) was really cute too.... i wish we could see him get his own happy ending! All in all, great story and A+ art!
Gilrael Rating
This is an incredibly sweet story with just enough drama to keep things interesting. If you want something nice and fluffy, this manga is perfect.
AinoKusabi Rating
This was a fun, sweet read with great characters and pretty art. Now their best friend, Kunihara, needs his own story!
TouchTheSound Rating
This story turned out to be so sweet and really worth the read. I definitely recommend reading it. It's cute and funny.
kimmeru Rating
Nobana saori is one of my favorite mangaka so this is really worth to buy!! Also the story is really good, love it so much
Whatever123 Rating
I love this! Total feel good manga!
Momoni Rating
This is one hella good manga! I'm looking forward to read more from this sensei
annekg1103 Rating
The manga is cute and fluffy. Something that you can read again and again.
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