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mushrooms Rating
The story was pretty good and the art was great! Certain plot elements I feel weren't really necessary but overall it was super cute and I think worth reading at least once.
TouchTheSound Rating
This story turned out to be so sweet and really worth the read. I definitely recommend reading it. It's cute and funny.
Tintinabule Rating
This is really good and cute! The story is good, and you get really attached to the characters. Seme is not really mean, more like teasing and dominant. I also like that he has other sides to him as well. I highly recommend it, i've read it a bunch of times and never get tired of it.
MarkoDCabcoon Rating
Oh my gosh this story is too cute! These two are adorable and hilarious as the story goes on. Although I don't condone the forcefulness of how their relationship started... I am grateful for how it was by the end. They opened up to each other and really began to treat each other so well.Also, gotta give it to my man Kuniharu. Truest and best wing man ever lol His commentary was honestly my favorite parts but the whole book is great. ?
acedevorak Rating
I love the art style so much! They are both so cute together and it makes me want to see more of them in a domestic setting. Loved this so much.
Torihakarau Rating
This manga was so sweet! A story of true love. It starts off with a bit of mean teasing, but they are never truly mean to each other lol. I also enjoyed that alcohol was not needed to get the relationship going, very refreshing and more relatable :)
BlueChanAsh Rating
I love this so much I've re-read over ten times. It was so cute and the balance of fluff and smut was amazing! I'm in love with that one side character that knew when his role was accomplished, best supportive character.
Lolli Rating
Sometimes I'm glad that I'm not paying too much attention to tags because I might have overlooked this story. But like everyone already said this isn't exactly what the tags might suggest. It was a rather adorable and sweet story and the teasing from the top was completely harmless compared to others. I really adore it when the uke is super shy but wants it so badly it's literally written all over his face so those scenes were my favorites. I'm very glad I purchased it and wrote this review mainly to give it the 5 stars.
Ovrall i love everything about this story. Well i'm the type that looks at the art first before i read the plot. And this story has the best plot and the art is beautiful. And i hope there's a story about sakura's bestfriend.
alnatsuhi Rating
Loved the artwork and the story was adorable. Both stalkers
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