User Reviews For: He's Mean Because He Likes You [Plus Bonus Page]


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mushrooms Rating
The story was pretty good and the art was great! Certain plot elements I feel weren't really necessary but overall it was super cute and I think worth reading at least once.
TouchTheSound Rating
This story turned out to be so sweet and really worth the read. I definitely recommend reading it. It's cute and funny.
alnatsuhi Rating
Loved the artwork and the story was adorable. Both stalkers
VickyVin Rating
Cute and sexy at the same time <3 it
dliving222 Rating
I really loved this comic! The characters are so believeable as young men in love!
kagehina Rating
Really enjoyable and fluffy with good smut!
Dingthecat Rating
This is so cute!! Love the art, love the story, love the characters!!
Kimi97 Rating
enjoyed the story! I liked both characters, but moves pretty fast!
Rockyroad11623 Rating
We stan a consensual relationship where two people can be open and vulnerable with each other <3
escapingreality151 Rating
Like many others have said, I have no idea why this was tagged “sadistic top” because there are other mangas not tagged as such with much darker themes/meaner top characters! However I definitely recommend if you aren't looking for that aspect specifically, this is very cute and light hearted! A quick read but a decent story too with some good smut as well.
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