User Reviews For: Jump into My Arms! -A Flamboyant Beast!-


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AinoKusabi Rating
Wonderful start, I hope the "wonderful" continues. Iori Amano is a great character, very manly and attractive, but also flamboyant. He's a different male lead, different than what I've come across so far in these types of manga. And Sora Nanami, the shy girl he seems to be obsessed with is genuinely sweet and pretty, but doesn't know it. Like I said, the story is good so far, and I hope it continues. Can't wait for the next update!
Arzella Rating
I find the main couple adorable tbh. The female mc isnt annoying either she's just shy at the beginning but her character does develop.
CrystalRose Rating
I love this manga so much!! But I have noticed that the art style has changed, I don't mind it but it was a HUGE difference from the first manga to the latest but still amazing
SailorJupiter94 Rating
Highly recommended. The art is beautiful; the male MC is drawn as quite masculine, which is a refreshing change from the bishonen "pretty boy" type. The female MC is cute and innocent, my favorite type to shi with a guy like Iori. The author is generous with the sex scenes and they never fail to please!
DemonessKneesocks Rating
I have to say this is a great romance manga. The relationship doesn't seem forced or one-sided by the man at all unlike many others.
esp13 Rating
I love their relationship dynamic and how they develop! Plus the sex scenes are great!
ParanormalActivity3 Rating
Agree with other reviewers before me that the art has changed from chapter1 and that its nice to see a change in male lead type character. Sad to say though that the female lead annoyed me in the first chapter already. Hence my 3 stars.
Weeb4life Rating
I love this manga! Please don't forget about Yamamoto-san!!! It deserves a beautiful ending!
jal Rating
Different from a usual shoujo smut manga in terms of art style. The male MC is more of a masculine hunk than a pretty boy. Still very handsome! And the female MC is cute and lovely. Her curvaceous body looked natural. Quite a unique pair I'd say. The development of their relationship is spot on. Not rushed. From co-workers to lovers. The smut scenes are especially very steamy! A lot of fluff too! You won't regret reading this!
MissMisaSoup Rating
One of the best on here. Super hot male lead.
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