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legallybling Rating
This is my absolute favorite series from Unohana-sensei and possibly my favorite bl title EVER. I'm SO. HAPPY. that renta! is licensing it in English!!!!The plot is quite different from the typical BL: theres no more of the cat and mouse, back and forth of getting to a love declaration (ot ahem, a night together). The main couple is two interesting adults who are together in love, but the slow reveal of how they get to that point is so riveting. The music industry background is also fascinating. I love love looove this manga and I can't wait to read the rest of it!!!!
Curlywurly Rating
I really like the story but updates are slow:(
TomatoKah91 Rating
This has me in tears, it's so beautiful! The love depicted is all consuming, but in the most wholesome way possible. I'm in love with their love and their story. I want to read a whole lifetime worth of these two soulmates.
Broesa Rating
This is one of my favorite! Sojun and Arata's love story told in a non-linear format. As you go from their modern day relationship to their origins and the beginning of how they fell in love.
bunnysandy21 Rating
I am just waiting!, one more day... But seriously this story aboved every other mangas I have been read so far, is one of my favorites.. The plot, the characters, the drama and glimces of comedy, everything around this serie is full of my attention, I can wait for more of this development, more music, more everything, I highly recomend it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO UNOHANA SENSEI FOR ALL HER CREATIVITY AND INTENSE HARD WORK ON HER STORIES...BEAUTIFULLY DRAWING...
imclarit Rating
The quality of this manga is consistently high, it doesn't ever waver from being just about perfect. It knows how to be light and sweet and funny while it also feels deep and emotional and real.I'm in love with Shiina and Arata and I want to learn everything about them and the wonderful people who surround them.Really, I just want to read so much more of this.I guess this is now one of my favorite BLs.
Lo Rating
Absolutely just fell in love. I wanna hear a PEG song for real. Sojun is adorable, and I love the way he and Arata are with each other. This just hit every single freaking checkbox I have for an amazing story.
lastsatan Rating
Love it!!
ienggg Rating
Oh my god the emotional rollercoaster of falling in love and chasing your dreams and growing up and then no spoilers but the ending is one of the most thematically satisfying and emotional endings ever. Ykno how often endings are like, they're happy, but this is actually tying up loose character arcs while giving romance and sex and tears and joy. I'm truly in awe go read this now!!
Ndergh Rating
this story is beautiful! I hope renta release chapter 23 and 24 english version soon :( i really want to read it :(
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