User Reviews For: My Boyfriend's a Ticking Time Bomb [Plus Bonus Page]


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radish Rating
Adorable and sexy! Would have thought things would get dark and messy due to the premise, but it actually stayed pretty light and fluffy throughout. Wish there were more backstory to the main characters, but it doesn't leave the story unsatisfying. Second story has to do crossdressing and is also really cute!
msscotchnut Rating
The first story was super cute - a few dubcon moments but unfortunately that just seems to come with the genre....and unlike many others, it wasn't consistent throughout their entire relationship at least? ahahah 8') anyways the art style was AMAZING, the artist showed emotions and personality SO well. The second story left a lot to be desired. It felt really rushed and what little plot there was seemed all over the place, and I didn't care about the two leads at all. The epilogue was really cute and I loved seeing their dynamic continuing as a real couple. Overall I really recommend this for the first story and epilogue!!! The extra story seemed a bit shoved in there tho, but still worth the money in my opinion!
Momoni Rating
This exceed my expectation. Its really adorable sweet and sexy story. Love the plot. The last chapter when they develop new kink at the puppyland crack me up LOL thats funny. I want to read more of their happy after story.
0lg1 Rating
loved it!! i thought it was super cute ??
nyamcam Rating
Don't let the summary fool you; this manga is nothing short of a lighthearted romcom in classic Hokke Shima style - equally funny, steamy, and just as endearing!
allroundfangril Rating
I greatly enjoyed reading this manga. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun light hearted story.
turtlehermit Rating
Super cute art and was a fun romp! The bonus material also was very cute and I'm glad it was included. I really enjoyed reading this title and I hope to read more from this author/artist in the future!
Puddingjuice Rating
Wow... ok I am upgrading this from rent to buy. Story line is kind of easy to predict but the drawings and the comedy bits are so cute! I too want to see more of the main couple and the cross dresser couple! Adorable!
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