User Reviews For: Courtesans of Shimabara -Come, Ask for Me-


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MissMaus Rating
A little bit of role reversal never hurt anyone. I really dig the story idea, I'm curious to see how it turns out!
baekmari Rating
Good read but the plot and character dev can get a little confusing between chapter 4 and 5. Had to reread a couple times before understanding what was happening with the main female character. Wish the author could have made it a little more clear
Flyaway Rating
I did enjoy this manga, but I am kinda not pleased on how it ended, yes it has a happy ending, but it was not a satisfying one. I felt everything was rushed in the end. There were many sad parts and this could have been better if the bad guy really got punished. The bad guy didn't get punished at all which is so upsetting.I would have given it 5 stars if it has more volumes that make the story of love blossom. It started really good, then it got into the route of drama which was beautiful but lacking in more details to make it meaningful and powerful.So 4 stars for rushing of things.Art is great and the plot is different so 5 stars for those two things.This story has the potential of expanding for like 20 more volumes and giving a happy ending for all the guys in this story, like for example Hiraggi ( I felt so bad about his past) or the MC' two best friends, they were both awesome. Even the sister could have been saved and have a happy ending, and it could have included so many hot scenes, but no, the author decided to end it in a rush unsatisfying way!
Bunnyhop Rating
This series is more of a drama than a 'satisfying' read. Lots of hidden pasts to each character. Still a very interesting story!
Nooninaja Rating
Woah. I was surprised by how good the story was. The plot thickened... and then thickened some more!! Lol much more than what I was expecting in 7 chapters. Highly recommended and honestly wished the author had made this into a longer series to show more of each character. It was that good. After reading a good share of the repetitious smutty storylines of the TL/mature genre, I have to say this was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommended!!
Traced Rating
Good story. Just wish it was paced better.
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