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Nyanko Rating
Way better than I thought. The art is good, and the male lead has the boy-man thing going on, a nice mix of confidence, aggression, and lack of cynicism. The old/young dynamic works well here, since the initial attraction is based more on him wanting to use sex to comfort and connect as opposed to dominate. Things get sexual fast, but he's 19 so his libido would be high and EQ less subtle, so I found that to be believable. The female lead isn't a complete victim of life, and is mature enough to handle her emotional crises in a reasonably adult manner. *** note: with regard to age of consent in Japan, it's ~13 which is why depictions of jr/Sr high students having sex with each other isn't unusual in manga. 19 is an adult in terms of consent, so there's no legal issue with this relationship. Not going to address the morality of this, since age of consent was 14 in my prefecture, and Western culture views this sort of thing through a different lens than I would,
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is actually pretty decent. The art is really nice and the characters are both cute and naughty. I'm a sucker for the older woman/younger man storyline. The h is a bit mousy, but a hard worker and permanently in the friend zone. But a one night stand with the cute waiter at the bar shakes up her daily, boring routine a bit. And spoiler alert! He's underage! Well, 19, but that's underage in Japan so... Not only that but he's also a rich kid who will one day run his family's corporation, basically he's gonna be her future boss. Wow! Their one night stand might not just be a hit it and quit it after all. So far, I'm really liking this manga. It's nothing new in terms of story or characters, but it's still really entertaining and I like the characters, they seem like ok people. They're for sure going to encounter some sticky situations and I'm looking forward to how they handle it all.
Ricelily Rating
At first, I wasn't really expecting much of a story based on the title but this turned out to be an enjoyable read. Things escalate really quickly (those nasties) between the characters and there are some parts that felt really rushed (from a comic artist's point of view). There's an opportunity to build up a stronger connection. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for the suggestion!
Guest Rating
I thought this was gonna be the same as all the others but then a twist and now I can't wait for the next chapter
lbrandy46 Rating
Love the art work and story line, I hope it continues soon!
danyels Rating
Okay so I was contemplating to read this because of the age gap, but damn I'm glad I bought this. I love the storyline and art. The reveals are striking like darts being thrown at you yet the pacing is still good and the characters are interesting. Male MC can be somehow mysterious, female MC is pretty likable and you just can't help but empathize with her. I'm looking forward to their development individually and together.. Oh and there's a lot of steamy wet scenes yess love that. Then things got real intense on volume 3 and now I'm dying to know what happens next!! Please upload the next volumes huu
Guest Rating
what happens next ? love this
Josie Rating
Love the story, it has great characters and interesting plot can't wait to see what happens next :)
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