User Reviews For: A Feast for an Incubus


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Daekin Rating
Actually really cute. The art is really nice, too. Found myself smiling through the whole thing.
Kazz Rating
I liked it soooo much! I cried in the letting go part. It's too good and too short!! Argh.. this kind of story, made me wish there was more... ?
Skaenund Rating
Cute, but also a bit chaotic for a story with only 2 chapters. Lots of irrelevant details clogging up the story and so many story threads ignored after they cause drama. If you've run out of demon stuff to read and thats your thing, then this story would probably be good enough for you.
Nuria74 Rating
I liked a lot, very nice art and the history very good writing from start to finish. Good job, continue doing more work like this.
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