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NANA Rating
I like the character of the uke, It's the first story that I rented here, I kind of glad I didn't waste my points, the points that I won in the raffle.
EtherKaido Rating
A really sweet love story! I love how it develops. And very cute kitty illustrations too. :)
KawaiiNeeChan Rating
Cute little story with a good cast and cute art style. A+
LQLattiner Rating
Probably one of my favorite manga on this site. I'm always a fan of changing up the usual tropes and making the tough guy the bottom is great. The writing and art are both excellent and the pacing is good for letting you care about the characters while also keeping the story moving. 5/5 would recommend!
ebookrenta0pi2o9y0j Rating
Great pace (story didn't feel rushed) and SO ADORABLE!
sullivan13 Rating
My best decision was to read this manga, it's so cute that my heart exploded.
ebookrenta071sy40ae Rating
A cute story. I smiled all the way through it. I enjoyed the characters a lot. The illustrations are great. I Wish it went for longer.
ebookrenta0r7214qst Rating
Very cute and satisfying 10/10 will read again
KimchiLover Rating
I loved all the suspense and drama in the story. The events in the story were original and the characters unique in their own way. And the chemistry between the main characters is amazing! It's a great read, fantastic work!!
yamneko Rating
Adorable!!! The art is so smooth and i love the style of the faces! Itsumi is just a tough looking guy but has no mean qaulities about him aaahhhh~ i love it and need more!!!
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