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Kanin Rating
wow i just bought this manga out of a whim because the art looked nice. but holy this one was really enjoyable! the character's are so damn cute and i almost died from the fluff! if you enjoy a cute and fluffy story this manga is for you.
SaraN Rating
This is one of the best yaoi I've read. I've reread it multiple times. It's beautifully drawn (the MCs are both hot and cute) and the sweetness of the story gets me everytime. The actions and reactions seem authentic, not forced. The sexy times, while not abundant and only happen later in the story, are relevant to the plot and satisfying for the growth of their relationship. No drama for the sake of drama.Basically, it's everything I want in a romantic story. 5/5, I wholeheartedly recommend it. I would love to see more from this mangaka.
lpett13 Rating
I'm a sucker for romance. And on-going consent. This is a charming piece that definitely builds the sexual tension with a big payoff.
Choconna Rating
I loved that this was not one of those short story collections. I enjoyed getting to see their relationship build up and flourish. They are an adorable couple. Things moved naturally in the story and they had the chance to open up to each other, struggle though their emotions and become a healthy couple. It was nice getting to watch them develope.
AlwaysAnju Rating
This is basically perfect? I can't believe I got so much out of such a short story. Very likeable characters, very enjoyable story. I wish the art style was a tiny bit cleaner, but the character design was very pretty.
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
This is a gold mine!!! Oh my God like if you like stories that give you goosebumps and make you all fluttery. This. Is. Fudging. It.!!! This is in my Top 5
funbrillo Rating
This just cleansed my soul. It is so cute and the MCs are adorable. Drunk Masumi is so adorable in the extra.
Yurlate4tea Rating
This was so pure and cute,easily one of my faves. They vibe with each other really well , the story didnt seem rushed, and it flowed very nicely. It's funny too, especially Yuki's inner monologue.
Jianhirame26 Rating
Oh my gosh I absolutely loved this story! There's so much fluff in it I thought I would die from being too giddy lolol. There were so many times in this story when I kept saying "awww so cute!" And I especially loved seeing the character development in Yuki and Masumi. Totally worth the $!!
TomatoKah91 Rating
Everything about this is PERFECT! The characters, the love story, the humour - everything. Buy it. Read it. Re-read it. Drink the tea!
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