User Reviews For: Falling Slowly [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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lovesfiction97 Rating
Very cute. I liked all the characters. The main couple's dynamic was cute and the MC's straight friend was such a nice dude.
erinface Rating
Very sweet with beautiful artwork
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yup, this is totally worth the $$$ and all the rave reviews!!! Yuki and Masumi are too freakin cute for words! The slow burn in this story just makes it so much more enjoyable. Love how Yuki cant hide his emotions from his face and over thinks everything and Masumi is a total poker face. Their relationship is so pure, but also very steamy once they're finally on the same page and aren't hiding anything from each other, well once Yuki gets with the program. Masumi was all in from the start. Great story!!!
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
This is a gold mine!!! Oh my God like if you like stories that give you goosebumps and make you all fluttery. This. Is. Fudging. It.!!! This is in my Top 5
funbrillo Rating
This just cleansed my soul. It is so cute and the MCs are adorable. Drunk Masumi is so adorable in the extra.
Milli Rating
This story was so freaking sweet! *-*
Yurlate4tea Rating
This was so pure and cute,easily one of my faves. They vibe with each other really well , the story didnt seem rushed, and it flowed very nicely. It's funny too, especially Yuki's inner monologue.
biggestrebel Rating
i.... loved this so much. Their slow burn relationship was just great. I love emotionless characters like our seme here. Definitely worth the points!!!The uke was adorkable and their relationship after they got together was just waaaahThe confession(s) scene(s) were all hilarious. Definitely recommend!!!!!!
badzannen Rating
This was the awkward confused yet sincere gay feelings content I usually crave when I want something fluffy. The characters are cute and such expressive art!
julie135 Rating
So cute!
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