User Reviews For: Falling Slowly [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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Kfaye Rating
This was super cute and the pacing was very realistic! The awkward sexual tension was believable enough to make me have to put my phone down a few times. Definitely worth the purchase and read! Only complaint is I wish there was a sequel!
sailormoonsaber Rating
This story was extremely cute and adorable. Masumi was so stoic yet so caring, a perfect match for lovable Yuki
Momoni Rating
When an expressionless seme fell in love with his colleague, both of them actually hetero but slowly learn how to fall in love with each other. I love how their love develop from one chapter to one chapter. Its refreshing sweet love story. Worth buying!
teabee28 Rating
this story is so fun and sweet!! totally worth your time to read! the way the characters interact is super interesting and its great to see their relationship develop!! cute fun and sweet all around!!
Smaragda Rating
I liked the story. The couple was very sweet with the realistic way.
cookies Rating
I totally loved the story!! Cute and sweet story! <3
lovesfiction97 Rating
Very cute. I liked all the characters. The main couple's dynamic was cute and the MC's straight friend was such a nice dude.
erinface Rating
Very sweet with beautiful artwork
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yup, this is totally worth the $$$ and all the rave reviews!!! Yuki and Masumi are too freakin cute for words! The slow burn in this story just makes it so much more enjoyable. Love how Yuki cant hide his emotions from his face and over thinks everything and Masumi is a total poker face. Their relationship is so pure, but also very steamy once they're finally on the same page and aren't hiding anything from each other, well once Yuki gets with the program. Masumi was all in from the start. Great story!!!
Milli Rating
This story was so freaking sweet! *-*
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