User Reviews For: The Boy Who Cried Truth [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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cassiopeia Rating
I like it! Is a beautiful manga!Thank you Arakata-sensei
funbrillo Rating
It really is a cute story. I rented it and found it enjoyable. There is really no angst. Just two friends trying to get their feelings across to each other. Especially the one who makes his declarations of love a constant joke but he does have good reason for that.
noogiia Rating
it was very boring. but the art looks great nontheless
MioAkiyama Rating
The build up was perfect, the boy who cried wolf eventually had to work to really reveal the truth that he has been hiding behind his jokes. A little heart wrenching in the middle of the story but it ended warming the heart. A really good read and light hearted read .highly recommend !!
HorseObsessed Rating
This story is so cute, I love Riichi! I love how the relationship between the two MLs is written & how their classmates tease them, this one is such a fun read!
coloraindow Rating
It was cute! Could totally understand his reasoning why he had to act the way that he did. It was a really bad blow to be rejected that way even if it was a misunderstanding.
pandaquit Rating
It was so cute! Tsunderes are very troublesome, so it was interesting (and kinda painful) to see how bad it can go with misunderstandings... I couldn't help rooting for them all the time and I'm very happy after finishing it! Loved the art too and the little extras!
Agumon71 Rating
The main couple are so cute. It has a really warm story and I really got invested in it. I especially like how it was a slow burn to their relationship being officially established. Would definitely recommend if you like warm, wholesome love.
fideliashoshanah Rating
All I can really say is that every five star review is totally justified! The story is simple and silly but also SO sincere.
Daekin Rating
Absolutely loved it. Gave me the giggles and I even woke up my cat from flailing. Definitely recommend.
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