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kyokobaby Rating
This... got real kinky without, like, any warning whatsoever. I probably wouldn't have purchased the manga if I'd known this much pee was involved. It's also really not my thing for characters to discover kinks by being pushed into them by a partner. One of the stories also had a real child-grooming vibe to it, so be aware of that. That said, the art was quite nice, and this will probably be right up some people's alleys. (Maybe literally.) Just not mine.
PennyDreadful Rating
I wanted to like this, I like the art, and the first story's concept of opposites attract, but the story is kinda forced and very transparent. The relationships are all kinda forced, but not in a good way. Also, there's some weird stuff with almost shota and peeing inside someone, which isn't my thing. I wasn't expecting the pee thing, so it caught me off guard because it was so out of the blue. The art is pretty, but that's the only thing I liked about this.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Mixed feelings about all the stories. Komo and Shiro are seriously made for each other. Loved how Komo was so dedicated in pursuing Shiro and won him over. Loved his jealous side too, pretty hot. The second story about Komo's dad finding love with a younger man was cute too. A lot of different, yet similar themes were running throughout this manga. Such as eye opening experiences awakening ones deepest desires. The third story was very taboo, it had a pedo vibe going on for sure. But Masato sure was faithful in waiting for Chika to grow up, still young, but the author made sure to emphasize that this was a long standing mutual love. This mangaka is really into pairing polar opposites together, like what one person is lacking, his partner makes up for it. I liked it overall, even if some subject matter wasn't my cup of tea.
saynerd Rating
I thought this was HILARIOUS. So unique. Absolutely filled with characters you don't get to see often. Definitely gritty, but in the best way. Highly recommended, worth every minute, the stories are fun, the art is great... I had so much fun with this. A refreshing divergence from the norm.
yuuro33 Rating
This story left me stuck somewhere in the middle. I don't know if it's bad and I'm not really sure if it's good. For instance, the art is beautiful, and the mc's are all just so sexy (and that's always a plus!). On the other hand there isn't any real character development, and the relationships seemed to be all about bedding each other rather than loving each other. Aside from the under developed plot and the over developed chaos I found it to be very funny. I enjoyed reading it but I don't think I will read it again.
xefielle Rating
It's kinky and disgusting and sick and I love it Holy Moly
kristel Rating
I love yaoi but this one is definitely not on my alley. The story seemed forced and rushed. If i only knew that the story is like this I personally wouldnt purchased it.
naniaquien Rating
Some things felt like too much, but it grew on me. Probably shouldn't read it if you're easily offended.
jingleclove Rating
I honestly love how this story doesn't take itself seriously. The plot is ridiculous and the interactions between the main couple (Shiro and Kuma) just kept getting more and more over the top that you can't help but wonder what the hell is gonna happen between them. I was initially thinking of this story as a hm maybe it'll be fine to see the preview and satiate my interest for it, but I bit the bullet and ended up purchasing it since it wasn't the usual yaoi structure. The moment the pee condom came into play, I knew that this one was a keeper. Like I stated before, it is over the top with its relationships and the absurdity feels somewhat normal in this world. I would only recommend this if you enjoy dumb banter and maybe some light kink (sex toys, some exhibition, urination). Overall, it was fun, wish there would be a sequel or a bonus because I felt like it got too short towards the end(I got invested with the whole cast lol).
julie135 Rating
So Adorable!!!
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