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5 chapters in and honestly, FHUUUHK!!! That's is all you really need to know. Loving all the characters! Maybe minus Kei, (sorry, Haru!) bc he's not around much atm. This story's got me squealing and feeling the butterflies *fans self*. I am in LOVE with Hajime, and he's got my respect after that showdown in chapter 4. From his confidence, his straightforwardness, to his fkn ero expressions and moments, gawd damn, the mangaka is building him so fkn well, I can't take it! I love you, Hajime! Haha. Satsuki, brace yourself, bro, you gon be devour. Artwork is beautiful, though I was bugged by mangaka's choice to not draw much of Satsuki's eyes in the first three chapters. Ch 4 and 5 started showing more of Satasuki's eyes, so I hope mangaka will continue that because he, Haru, and Shu have beautiful eyes.
radish Rating
Cute story and nice art style! Looking forward to more chapters!!
Rosemarie77 Rating
My heart cries for how good this was. I wish there were more sexy scenes thats my only draw back but I'd five this !0 stars if I could
AinoKusabi Rating
This is a heart-warming and fun high school romance. The characters are awkwardly great. I hope there's lots more to come.
azoubee2 Rating
It's a cute and sweet story.
Satomiss Rating
Cute story and the arts are great too. I have previously known sawaco through pixiv. I do hope renta will pick up their first work, ivy. Nevertheless, this is a very cute and light hearted reading. I still feel if ends abruptly though. Maybe because I'm too accustomed to reading tankobon, which usually has extra or creator's note.
Nation8Formation Rating
PLEASE MAKE MORE!!! I have been waiting a long time for this update!!! YES!!
MysticalMermaid Rating
This is such a cute and sexy story!!! Will definitely recommend!!!
cheesyB Rating
A good manga with a steady nice flow. Like that we get insight into everyone's thoughts and can support the cute couples.
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