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Akashicchi Rating
This is a very cute, wholesome, feel-good kind of story. The art is cute. The dog is cute. Interactions are super cute. Everything is so adorable. If you like fluffy stories I recommend this highly. (As of the time of this review only two chapters are available but I think it'll only get better as it continues.)
Alicia0124 Rating
I really liked this series and am pleased how it ended. Such a cute story about a little shy guy and the reserved guy with a warm heart, plus a special dog. Definitely worth the read it you appreciate the blossoming relationship even without the yaoi goods. Thanks to the author!
julie135 Rating
Awww so cute!
narusasu4lyf Rating
I promise this love story will warm that icy heart. If you're looking for smut here, you will be a little disappointed. (Don't get me wrong, I love smut.) Instead you will find a fulfilling story with a strong, reserved man and a shy, lovable college freshman. The art is wonderful, the characters feel real, and the story is well written. A great read if you enjoy sweet, cute, stories. My only complaint is that I read it too fast!
hinata86 Rating
I totally love this manga, it's cute, fluffy in all the right places. The waiting for the update is a killer (^o^)
ArwenFairfolk Rating
Not as much smut as other stories I've read, but the wholesome love these two share makes up for it in my opinion. "Mr. Shepherd" is thinking half the time that his Lover is only there for his dog. I love the artwork of this story!
Lemuel Rating
Cute, fluffy, and sexy :)
fuyuyume Rating
I like the story but it seems more like Yuuto wants to be with the dog more than Ouki. I want Ouki to break up with him and hopefully find someone who likes him more than his dog. Do not get me wrong I LOVE dogs favorite animal but if I found someone who likes my dog more than me then I would take them to the pet store help them get a dog as a goodbye gift.
AstroDaffodil Rating
Extremely cute. Very slow burn but there are a lot of adorable moments.
ebookrenta0v917aal8 Rating
This was so adorable!
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