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ebookrenta08iptija1 Rating
I am Disappointed that this only have two chapter I wish that it had more. I am very interested in this manga.
julie135 Rating
So cute and funny
GAA1 Rating
Two stars because the story feels incomplete.
meteorr Rating
It doesn't feel complete, it feels like their (non-existent) relationship has a lot more room to grow. However, it was weirdly entertaining because these two made the whole manga feel like a comedy routine. Also, the muscles are well defined and I like that.
Randomuser123 Rating
Wasn't even gay -.-
KingOfK3arts Rating
I really enjoyed reading this manga. The leads had a fun dynamic and everything that happened was consensual. The reason I hesitant to give this manga 5 stars is because it doesn't qualify as a BL story for me. The characters don't fall in love or even have sexy times. I would barely call the leads friends. I was also mislead by the title and description somewhat. As I previous mentioned there are no smut scenes and the title and description heavily implies that the leads get hot and heavy. The closet to a smut scene we get in one of the leads butt. But the art and story were both unique and enjoyable. So if you're looking for smut or a romance give this manga a hard pass. But if you're just looking a light plot then go ahead and click that rent/buy button.
alnatsuhi Rating
Sensei!! Please write another volume or more chapters!! I need more. This couple is just the best. I love the story!!!! ???
Bluevelvet Rating
Interesting premise, but definitely needs one more chapter. Feels a little incomplete.
Ally Rating
So upsetting. This had potential to be a cute quick fetishy friends to lovers story. But for some reason it stops before anything can happen. Don't waste your points until there's a 3rd or 4th chapter added.
HorseObsessed Rating
This was funnier than expected. There's not any smut, (just one masterbation scene), & it was so hilarious! Get this one!
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