User Reviews For: My Younger Boyfriend's an Ice Prince


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biggestrebel Rating
mehThe art is really cute!!! I enjoyed that part BUT he....basically forced the uke to have sex. I'm really tired of that trope. I enjoyed seeing their relationship before the sex and wish we coulda seen more of!It's okay enough
kurome Rating
It's alright just don't like How the seme forced the uke to have sex and changed his persona. It's a little irritating with that whole scenario since it's really common for the seme to pin down the uke without his consent.
Risuna Rating
I really wish there were at least two chapters. The character development at the end is amazing & I super recommend this to anyone looking for a sadistic read.
fionav3 Rating
Hmmm, not sure what to make of this one. I didn't hate it, but it felt...lacking? Like the characters weren't fully developed? Nice art though.
Jojo1988 Rating
The book was to funny and good. I hope there more to come can't wait
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