User Reviews For: Alone with You [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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Sky Walker Rating
So hot! Definitely worth spending 7 bucks. I read the preview and had to buy! It's now 4:30 a.m. I'm supposed to get up for work in 2 hours!
stan123 Rating
Loved the art and the smut is super hot. however, I found the storyline to be a little fast paced hence 4 stars
julie135 Rating
Really good!
biggestrebel Rating
art wise, amazing! Sex scenes were hot! Plotline, a little cliche but meh it was still ok. The characters were cute and it was nice to see yuzuru change throughout! Def recommend!
mromain1 Rating
It's good. The uke is very cute and bright compared to the angsty seme.
CieL Rating
Love how sweet this Kyoya & Yuzuru pair. Kyoya also have a strong masculine send face, while Yuzuru the cute sweet uke type. Love how tho story build, and each main character also growing nicely. Like all of it, from the start. Never disappoint buy this set. I feel happy for them both~ and I wan't my uke/send to show up soon =?=
LeonSkyler Rating
The story is great, the art is amazing. I truly loved it and I'm glad I could support the creator. But this was very unfair. The way this website operates seems very poor to me right off the bat. The quality of the images is very poor and you can't even download it, you can only stream it. As a side note that annoys me personally (most people probably don't care about this), the sex scenes are all censored in the most horrible way possible. If I'm paying seven dollars for a book, I at least expect decent quality and the access to download it but all I got was something way more mediocre than what I can find for free on the internet. Honestly, this is barely worth $ truly is a shame that this is the way I chose to support the creator of such a good book.
Mii Rating
I really enjoyed the story 10/10
thewritinggirl Rating
Loved it and have re-read it so many times! The art is great, the character development is perfect, there's a good amount of emotion in there and of course there's plenty of steamy smut. Would definitely recommend!
Tintinabule Rating
Really sweet and sexy. I love how the characters grow in the story and how their relationship gets them to put themselves out there. I definitely recommend.
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