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funbrillo Rating
I would really give this maybe 4.5 stars. It has about 4 different couples and most are just one shots. The main story has 2 chapters. It is a fun read but I took off a half start because it is fine to rent but I don't think I would want to own it to re-read over again. Also, I wish some of the stories could have been longer. Like for the brother of one of the guys from the main couple or a story for the ex-boyfriend of the writer/housekeeper story. The ex gets a little extra at the end but would have been fun as its own story.
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
I think all the stories were a good read. The 2nd story was fun, but Ifelt it could've been so much more. I normally rent before buying and I'l keep this as rent, since I don't think I'll reread. The smut is there for sure, but I personally didn't get goosebumps or giddy over it. All in all average smut read
AndreCR Rating
Great stories just wished they were longer
StreetUrchin Rating
TheBetterStory Rating
The art is great and the sex scenes are good, but that's all this is. There's no conflict outside of the men's relationships, and whatever conflict there *is* is predictable and solved easily. Maybe good for a rental if you like the art and want some junk food.
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