User Reviews For: A Girl in a Boys' Dorm. -A Dangerous Guy on the Bottom Bunk-


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ebookrenta0wzrun3ah Rating
nice plot
UnaMors Rating
The art is great and the male lead is well aware of how much of a jerk he is. Even so it's a pretty enjoyable book, I recommend it.
Titania Rating
I love the art! It's drawn so well and it's easy to understand , so is the pacing of the story.
neyychan Rating
loving it
shngml Rating
For some reason, or another, this reminds me of a drama cd I listened to. Makes me wonder if it is the same?
Strick Rating
Interesting, storyline is good, art is good, all over a good read! Update sooner!
Angelfox7 Rating
I'm excited for this one because it's really cute and I'd like to see if she get caught by any of the other guys. For it's hard to hide the fact that your a girl for a long period of time. It's cute and fun! I can't wait to read more!
Flyaway Rating
Wow. This story gets better and better with each chapter.I liked the girl, and I liked the guy. The guy is very handsome and the girl is so cute. The hot scenes are really good and there are fun parts and the story seems to be developing really smoothly. I like it so much and I can't wait for the next chapter, this story should go on for like 15 more chapters and I anticipate there will be second character's stories. If it ends soon, I will be very disappointed. Ps. the guy reminds me of the guy with white hair in vampire Knight anime, Zoro, which was my favorite character there, and the girl looks like the girl in vampire knight, not personality wise, but their appearance I mean!
livfreebwell Rating
I liked that the dynamic between the two main characters.
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