User Reviews For: My Brother's Friend Likes to Flaunt It [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


4.9 out of 5

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glomail Rating
stories were short and simple, but could have been more in detail
micot Rating
The art is sooo good!
Sushiwara Rating
Each character was lovable and cute! Would recommend this to people who are hesistatingcor considering to read it!
Jaida Rating
Five stars is not nearly enough for this one. It was hot, the characters fully realized, and the art wonderful! It's so refreshing to see the women's bodies drawn like real bodies, not like they're wearing anti-gravity flotation device on their chest. The male characters were sexy, confident in themselves but still respected their partners boundaries, asking what she was comfortable with and actually listened when she said no. The female characters were just as good, smart and capable and embracing their sexuality, speaking up for what they wanted. Worth every penny, TEN STARS!
Missy789 Rating
Amazing artwork
Renren5 Rating
I love it
blowkia Rating
Wonderful worth 8$
Nekocat Rating
The guys are so hot, it is a must read!The story it is just too adorable and the caracters too.It's so charming and cute, specially the couples
JenFaust81 Rating
Loved this! I want more from the author please!! It was worth the money.
Weeb4Life Rating
It's amazing, and sexy, and well written, and sexy, and hilarious, and SO SEXY!! I love all the stories, they're all worth a read, seriously. And all the characters are so much fun to read about, their reactions to everything are so entertaining. Just get this, it's 100% worth the price, you won't regret it!
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