User Reviews For: He's a Doll [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus]


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biggestrebel Rating
This was stupidly cute! I like the story w Chihiro and tomo more than the other story. I wish it was longer tbh!!!! I'm tired so cant give a full in depth review, but I love it! The art is also rly pretty!!!
Daiyabolic Rating
The first story was really cute but I honestly hated the second couple.
frootloop Rating
GOD. this is a hilariously cute story between a dorky virgin gamer who cant resist his thotty neighbor. it starts off as a hookup but ends up as something really pure between them. highly recommend if u wanna feel warm.
shinayu Rating
The art itself is leaning more towards the cutesy side...since I'm so used to all sorts of art styles including Korean Manhwa this was alright for me. The story plot of the first couple was cute and slightly interesting but not like unheard of. The second couple was honestly meh...I think the roles of seme and uke by this mangaka aren't obvious which (I guess) it's more realistic to the real world of same-sex couples where gender roles don't always exist amongst them. I kinda regret buying it permanently though ngl
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