User Reviews For: Conflicting Flight Signs [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus]


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saynerd Rating
If you are looking for smut with no reason, this is not for you... However if you are looking for a wonderful and fulfilling story with content that you definitely do not find every day, along with great art, and a love that just won't quit... THIS IS for you! I had an absolute blast reading this and wish that I had more! The progression of story and characters trump the slow call to action because the point is definitely to get you to feel. Also, what a fun concept! It is on my forever list, and I highly recommend for anyone looking for an adventure, not simple smut!
legallybling Rating
I had high hopes for this because people were raving about this on twitter, but it turned out to be not my cup of tea. The story feels disjointed at times and the couple getting together felt kind of rushed. It's a shame because the art is so good! The little bit of smut at the end was also pretty good, I wish there's more of that. I'm looking forward for more works from this author though, since I really like their art.
Seabun399 Rating
This is a nice slow read. If you're looking for a steamy read this is not it but if you want a nice realistic read with an interesting topic this is it!
MintTea Rating
Interesting premise, but too incomplete. Seeing how the artist had to cut parts out to make the deadline or page limit, you can really tell. It's a shame because it's something unique. Going by the progression of the story, the main characters act more like friends than lovers. The sex feels rushed and more of an afterthought. They seem pushed to be bi than actually gay. What little sex we got, it's only okay and pretty standard. The art is good though. Note that there's an extra unrelated story near the end about a dog groomer and a down-and-out guy that acts like a dog. Nothing really special about that short story. For the overall book, I felt disappointed.
candy Rating
It was sweet. Maybe not at the beginning, and I got pretty annoyed at the middle, but the ending was nice and the development was okay.
HorseObsessed Rating
SOOO COOL!!! I LOVE THIS STORY!!! it's got so much information on Airlines, Planes, Pilots, Mechanics, & the inner workings of an Airport. It's very fascinating. This is another one you should get!
GregorIAN Rating
Gosh, after a lot of disappointing reads, I needed this. Cute and fulfilling.
hloo12 Rating
Cute story
malcosky Rating
The story was nice but a little bit slow so if you wouldn't mind reading it just go ahead.
AetherAura Rating
Really cute! I wish there was a bit more, the ending felt a tad rushed somehow. Like there could have been one or two chapters between to really flesh out their characters and relaionship. But it's what you'd want from a story with that summary! The second story was cute too, though being one chapter only, was short. Happy to have read it~
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