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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was super cute! The standoffish loner x friendly outgoing puppy-like guy made a really cute couple. It was nice seeing how conflicted Kida was about how his emotions were all over the place because of Takamura always being up in his space. Loved how clueless Takamura came across as, he just really liked Kida and wanted to be friends. How the romance progressed seemed too rushed, but it felt organic enough that it was still sweet and not forced. It's pretty good!
biggestrebel Rating
This was really cute, I just wish there was more!!!!Their relationship developing is adorable but more time w them wouldve definitely helped make it seem more fleshed out. The top feels v flat compared to the uke.
sciencemauso Rating
This manga was super cute and I grew super attached to the characters as I read! I hope someday the artist makes something more with these characters, as watching them fall in love made me want to see more of them! Definitely recommend this read to anyone who loves BL!
xinna Rating
Heartwarming story. Recommended for BL fans who are into co-workers relationship.
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