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Azaellum Rating
Really recommend!It may look like an ordinary angel human story but the plot goes around to explore the good parts of each character rather than just having sex for the sake of having it.This is the bl story I am looking for!It's worth every penny I earned. Looking forward for the next series!
poppidim Rating
This manga has a fun set-up - an angel trying to lower his virtuous stats by doing all sorts of naughty things, wink wink - and I enjoyed the sex scenes; especially the angel's expressions, it's so rare to see the top / seme looking so expressive! But for me this juuuuust missed out on a five-star rating because of a sudden public humiliation scene involving a female side character and a vibrator, which then quickly devolved into an impending dubcon group sex scnenario that was luckily averted at the last moment 0_0 That really blindsided me, so If you're anything like me and don't enjoy this kind of stuff, be careful. However, there were plenty of hilarious moments that had me laughing out loud, and I also really admired the way the angel's uniform / traditional clothes were drawn. Also, the angel's frazzled superior was FINE, and tbh I would've liked to have seen more of him XD A pretty fun read overall!
honeyjam Rating
twas' bootiful
acedevorak Rating
Okay so I cried at the end. I live this so so much. It's a shade darker on topics compared to what I usually frequent, it actually depicted a little gore, but it was worth it for the story! This is easily going into the top for me, the art and the story-- the development. Everything.
SadAsian Rating
Sweet ending. I really liked the characters and they felt real to me. Some dub con near the end but not too bad. Nothing terrible happens
Ladypuu19 Rating
Oh wow. This is a great heartfelt story. I like it.
LMonster2 Rating
I really liked this story. It was a bit slow which is why I gave it 4 stars but I liked how the characters interacted and grew.
Jacks Rating
First thinking this would all be about some fun and good laughs, it turned out to be a very cute and as well heartwarming story. 5/5
shirutsune Rating
This was such a satisfying and amazing read! I easily fell in love with the characters and the angel is super hot. I do wish there was more though but I love how the angel treats the MC. They're super sweet together and though the premise is the angel wants to be bad, it's still very sweet.
radish Rating
Ahhh this is so cute and the art is so fluid and pretty!!! The story is also a satisfying light read! I recommend!!
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