User Reviews For: Just Another Hard Day At Work! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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kyokobaby Rating
I've loved everything Nerima Zim has up on Renta, and this volume is no exception. Superb art and characters, plenty of humor, and just the right amount of drama.
sereneione Rating
This was a funny read. Worth spending on.
Thenameislynn Rating
I'm a huge Nerima Zim fan. Esp this particular manga. I followed this while it was ongoing and bought the individual chaps. And again when the tanko came out. Its so satisfying to finally read this in English. And I'm a big fan of Nerima's older ukes. They are absolutely adorable. Fiesty ukes like this one who tackles his problems head on is the best!
Sekoia Rating
Big yes for me! Such a nice plot and nice nice art ? worth it
Shar9 Rating
Teppei and Nozomu are so great together. They had a rough start but they make an adorable couple.
renekyu Rating
The right amount of smut and wonderful story
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