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Daekin Rating
Okay, I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected. I could easily read much more about any of the couples in this collection. I do not regret buying it.
fionav3 Rating
Gotta say, these were a really fun, cute little selection of off-beat stories. The first couple got the most page time, which I was glad for as they were my favourite (seriously, those eyes!!! :D), but I actually enjoyed the others as well. Very quirky, but very cute and fun manga.
LEi573 Rating
This was cute
funbrillo Rating
I thought this was a really cute manga. It is low on smut but still nice. All stories were good but the first one had me laughing within the first few pages over THOSE EYES that I decided to go back and buy it. I think it will be one of those refreshing and sweet stories to go back and read periodically.
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